Seeking 5 partners

@become (89)
United States
February 11, 2009 9:50am CST
Have you ever participated in a forced matrix. I am curious to see how it works. I found one for $6 which is a nominal fee for research. Here is the deal, I am wanting to participate in this matrix yet backwards. I am willing to invest $30 into this matrix, meaning if you are interested you sign up under me and I will send you a check for $6. If you I pay for you, you agree to get or for 5 people. Ideally this would be 5 people you can trust to pay for 5 people, or you can refer 5 people through marketing yet we must put a time frame on this, for example you have a week to sign up 5 people or you pay for 5. My logic is if this works, we can create our own, so you see this is research and as we build up, we can do it again, next time no cost to my first 5. Your thoughts. I am serious about this and hope you are to. We all have experienced ptc sites going up and down. Wasting our time yet gaining experience. I have been seeking partners to try these types of experiments yet have found most myloters don't want to team up, which is silly. In any case, let me know, of course respond here and lets work together.
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