how would you react when one of your friends betrayed you?

February 11, 2009 11:41am CST
first il be hurt,secondly ihave to asks her why she did that and if the reason is valid lastsly forgive...
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12 Feb 09
i think it will not happen to me because i only have two best friends whom i don't have benefit conflicts with .and i did not open my heart to anybody ,i will keep secret myself .I just can share happy thing with them .what'more ,they are far from me .Even one day ,they betray me ,i would forgive them .because i think it is pleased to be made use of .it can prove that they are in need of me .
• China
11 Feb 09
Although I can forgive him/her, I will not share my secrets with him/her from now on.
@willofGod (113)
• Nigeria
11 Feb 09
i can't feel bad because i know what humans are made of - Uncertainty. I normally don't get close to a friend to the extent that they will betray me......They are always at arms lenght. What i don't want anyone else to know i rather not tell anyone. All my friends are casual none is they won't need to betray me.