Have you encountered thieves?

February 11, 2009 11:57pm CST
Nowadays,the thieves become more and more furious. One day,I walked on the street and inteded to take a bus.Howerver,when I came near the bus stop,I just saw the bus so I rushed to it and got on.There was also a man came up behind me,he also got on the bus following me,but he got down soon. I was not aware of it even the driver inquired me that whether the man had just taken my wallet.I was all the way round trying to find my wallet from my bag.But I rearlly couldn't find it at last so I got down the bus.I thought I had left my wallet in the office,so I called my friend and asked him to come to help. After a while,I thought of the words the driver said to me on the bus.He asked me if that man took my wallet away but I misunderstood that he told me that if that man forgot to take his wallet with me.So foolish I was!I checked my pocket at once,I found my keys was missing! I began to doubt if I rearlly left my wallet in the office.That's really an important matter. I call my colleague to help me to check if my wallet was in the office, but she told me that my drawer was locked. So I can only wait to check when I got back! When my friend arrived, I hurried to go back to my office.As my keys were lost so I broke my drawer with the scissors. I was excited to see my wallet was in the drawer!! Haha,what a hapless thief!!
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@raynejasper (2326)
• Philippines
12 Feb 09
..hahaha.. what an experience..! well, things happen like that once in a while.. but for me, I encountered a real thief.. he broke into our room where we are renting.. that was nearly 4AM.. my sister and cousin were asleep in our room.. they were shocked when they woke up seeing somebody in the open window reaching for their mobile phones.. they shouted however, the thief went away.. When I went home in the morning, I was looking for my shoulder bag.. then they related me the story.. I suspected that the thief may have taken my bag since I left it just below the window.. I went out in the house and look around if my bag was left by the thief outside and I really find it there.. he took my wallet with all my important IDs and licenses.. it was a very bad experience for me.. I needed to go the attorney's office to get an affidavit of loss in order for me to change my ID's and licenses.. we went also to the police department to report on the incident..
• China
12 Feb 09
I think it's very indelible for you,although you did not meet the thief.But the theft brought you so much inconvenience and made you afraid.