Do you prefer branded clothing?

February 12, 2009 12:34am CST
Are you a bit practical? Would you spend your money on a pair of branded jeans or shirt? Well, it really depends on the quality or the comfort. What do you think are the pros and cons of buying a popular brand?
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• India
8 Aug 10
Hello welcome to mylot Yes i am brand consious, whether it is clothing, tooth paste, cosmetics, cell phone or any product, branded are costly no doubt but reliable always.. Thanks for sharing. Welcome always. Cheers. Professor
• Philippines
9 May 10
I buy clothes with quality. Of course I also take into consideration the price of the clothing. But most of the time I get the not so expensive ones with quality. I don't buy much in bazaars because yes it's less expensive but the quality is not hat good.
@den1545 (43)
• United States
28 Jul 09
Go with whatever looks nice.Something having a brand thing on can make you fell good,and look hot.Mix and match is the way to go.All brand names and you look like a freak and a walking billboard.But if you mean elegant stuff,like dresses and evening wear,i think check out the designer brand stuff,and go get something that looks similar but you dont need a loan to buy it.
@galileo2008 (1147)
• Philippines
24 Feb 09
I'm a very practical person. I never waste my money on something which is very expensive, especially when I'm on tight budget. I don't usually splurge my money on branded jeans because I can still see that there are more affordable jeans available in the market.
• United States
15 Feb 09
I am only picky when it comes to my jeans. I am a loyal customer of Levis. I like the way fit, and they are the most comfortable for me. I don't care about the brands of other clothes, shirts, slacks, khakis and other things, though. I think spending outragous amounts of money on clothes just for a brand name is silly, and my money can be spent else where.
@AXLAERO (426)
• Philippines
15 Feb 09
it doesnt matter if its branded or long as i can carry it well.but sometimes,the quality of a branded clothes are's expensive but it's not a waste of money.