what are your opinions on how multi-functional our cell phones has become?

February 12, 2009 3:50am CST
technology has brought about developments that we could not fathom 10 years ago. now our cell phones are also cameras, mp3/mp4 players, organizers, flash lights, remote controls, tv's, diaries, calculators, and so on and so forth. who knows maybe one day we'll have cell phones with electric shavers as well. do you think that these developments on our trusty cell phones are starting to go overboard?
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• Philippines
12 Feb 09
My opinion on how multi-functional our cellphones has become is great. Imagine cellphone having all the things you just mentioned. For example your television set. What if you have lost or damaged the remote control. You can use the cellphone as a substitute for it. It may also be used for recreational. Games , music and even videos. A one in all gadget. Cool technology. God bless to all of us.!
• Philippines
13 Feb 09
yeah cool indeed! never in the last 10 years have we thought of such, right? now we can even see who we're talking to when we use our cell phone. but how far do you think these cell phone manufacturers would go just to be innovative?
@shiva529 (285)
• India
12 Feb 09
hi cell phones have same number of advantages and disadvantages.cell phone is helpful if it is used in productive manner.cell phones has many features such as itcan be used to store contacts,reminders of important events etc.on other side it can be dangerous. i have seen that one of my friend used for cheating in the exams and it can be used by terrorists as a remote to trigger the bomb..so wish everyone to use cellphone in productive manner..