Which type of skin you have?

February 12, 2009 10:08am CST
Is your skin oily or dry? If your skin dry then you use cold cream these days. I use pond in winter season. But my skin is not oily. But these days i need to some moistriser. So i use ponds cold cream. In summer season i do not need any this type of product.
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• Philippines
12 Feb 09
I usually have a very oily skin, but when i went to visit a dermatologist, during my skin analysis, she told me that i have a combination of oily and not so dry which means there's an area on my face that gets a lot of oil, not pertaining to the T-Zone okey. Anyway it's just okey for me to use a moisturizer as long as it's hypo allergenic and non oily.
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@febrigas (362)
• Indonesia
2 Jul 11
i have a combination skin type. As for tips on choosing a cosmetic from My Aunt, FOR WOMEN, for this type of skin are... - Choose cleaning gel - Use a foundation with a liquid - Choose a powder Eye shadow - Use only a thin moisturizer on oily parts and choose based oil free
@reckon21 (3486)
• Philippines
7 Mar 09
I have skin type which is not oily nor dry. You can count me as lucky. Some men had oily skin. I don't apply anything on my skin. Not even a lotion. So far I'm satisfied with my skin.
@Lucifey (93)
• China
2 Mar 09
Oil on my T-zone. I use light lotion in the morning and Clinique's gel at night. In winter, I'll pay more attention to the moistrer.
• Hong Kong
21 Feb 09
I have rather dry skin with a bit oily T-zone! I have to use face cream, otherwise I would feel too dry. And also, I would do some moisturizing face packs on face at least twice a week to make sure skin is hydrated.
@unchie (122)
• Philippines
12 Feb 09
i think mine is mixed. i never tried to consult a dermatologist. i just use toner and moisturizer..
@mishaila (24)
• United States
12 Feb 09
My skin has a mind of it's own LOL. i think i would fall into the catagory of combination skin. I never use Ponds cold cream but now i'm curious as to how my skin would react to it. Thanks for the idea!
@mojo76 (56)
• Bulgaria
12 Feb 09
my skin is oily and i dont use anything to hydrate it.
• India
12 Feb 09
Well i think i have a normal skin beacuse during summer my skin becomes really oily i mean it just becomes sticky while in winters it becomes so dry that i have to keep trying to kep it moistured i use cold creams even face wash instead o soaps so i guess so i m having a normal skin......
@Daffodil20 (1754)
• India
12 Feb 09
I have a combination of both on my face but normal skin type for the whole body. I too need moisturisers during winter season to keep the skin soft and smooth.