40 years to say thank you to her hero

United States
February 12, 2009 7:51pm CST
for one woman..her life was touched by an angel... when she was just a baby her house caught on fire. it was pitch black and you couldnt even see in front of your face but a brave man went in looking for the baby. she lay in her crib, dressed only in a diaper, unconscious. her chances were slim, but he never gave up as he pressed his mouth to hers to give her air. 40 years later he still remembered that night when he had the chance to save her life. and she never forgot the man who will always be her hero. she finally had the chance to meet him and thank him for saving her life. http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2009/02/12/40_years_worth_of_thanks/?page=1 its just amazing how some people are so caring. it is so touching to read this story
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@chookie1971 (2276)
• Australia
13 Feb 09
That is a wonderful story. I also keep in mind that there are so many stories out there simular to this and many stories out there about people caring so much. The most recent is the stories of Victorian Bushfires in Australia. I hear stories of firefighter out trying to save other peoples homes only to find out later he has lost his own home. People have donated so many clothes and even toys for children. They have so much stuff there for the victims of the bush fires that they can not cope with the amount of stuff. Even people have been donating money which reached into the many millions. Even I have helped out in a small way through my child's school who was raising money as well. Later on in life heros and victims will reunite and share stories. All these types of stories always makes me proud knowing people do care in this world.
@ktosea (2027)
• China
13 Feb 09
yeah,it's so touching of the story,the firefighter is great,he is self-giving and brave.the 40 years old woman is also adorable,she is always thankful to the man who saved her life decades ago.they are lucky to see each other after so many years past.God bless them