How often do you need to be in contact with your partner?

United States
February 12, 2009 11:14pm CST
Whether you are in a relationship with someone who lives with you, lives in the same town, a long distance relationship, or any variation, how often do you talk on the phone with your partner? How often do you email each other? How often do you think you should contact each other?
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@patzel88 (3311)
• Philippines
2 Mar 09
i live with my husband, i am a married person and do take care of my kids. so we always talk to the phone, cell phone and when he arrive from work we talk again about anything inside the family matters.
@rmuxagirl (7561)
• United States
23 Feb 09
I am in a long distance relationship and I am fine with not alking to him for a few days, but when we have an agruement and I dont talk to him for several days it hurts and bothers me. But we basically talk almost every night in a video chat.
@jambi462 (4598)
• United States
18 Feb 09
I love to be within contact with my partner whenever I can but we still have to work to try and live so we have to be apart at least some of the time. I love her dearly and every moment I spend with her is pure and perfect. I want to be in contact with her always and I always want to be able to satisfy her and to make her as happy as I possibly can make her.
@kishusia (1069)
• India
13 Feb 09
My husband's bithday - On 20 October we celebrated my husband's birthday.
As me and my husband live with our joint family, we are always in contact with each other. However when my husband goes out of town on official work, we talk to each other at least two times in a day.
@jazel_juan (15766)
• Philippines
13 Feb 09
How often? as often as possible yet still living a space for each to grow... we are living together so after a whole day of work we need to be together, have an open communication for us to know what is happening with each other..
@sdwfstone (130)
• China
13 Feb 09
i live with my gf, my best friends,even don't connect with them,they never forget me some unfamiliar friends,when i need them,i start to connect with them some others,i don't connect with them.