afraid to undergo another process of can you help me?..tnx",)..

February 12, 2009 11:19pm CST
..hi mylotters,..i am working as a call center agent and i just recently lose my job.. and to survive in my everyday living i need to find a new job.. but there are worries that are coming to my mind that made me feel depressed.. first is the fact that i need to leave my first ever work and find a new one which i hate most because i already love this account..second is the attachment that i have with my coworkers.. everyday i'm so excited to go to work because i can get along with my office mates which i can say my friends as well..and this is one of the main reasons why i hate to leave my job..and lastly is my fear to undergo for another process of application.. in this case how can you motivate me.. my friends invite me to apply in different companies but then i am afraid to come with them because of my fear that i will be left alone and they will be hired,,,what should i do..please help me.. tnx
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@nengs10 (3188)
• Philippines
13 Feb 09
That's just unfortunate to know. As I read your story, you actually have very good english skills. Be very positive and confident since not all people can't speak or write english the way you do. Stand proud and start looking for jobs now. Many companies need you. Have a great day.
• Philippines
15 Feb 09
..h! hoping that your in a condition while im writing this... ahm..i must thank you for the responce that you made.. you really boost my confidence and made me realized that there are many things that i should be proud of.. one of this is the skill that i have.. and its good to know that there are people like you that are willing to share thoughts that would really help in some people like me that is losing hope..and your right, there are lot of companies to work for... ..hope its fine with you if i call you nengs10..hehe.. ..once again thank you for your responce and it helps me alot.. ..take care and godbless..",)
@dirky007 (101)
• China
26 Jan 10
We spent most of our time, it mainly decides our hapiness,it's the force drivingus to find a better job.The process of searching is a little painful ,but we should act in a manly manner to accompish the task, when u find your ideal job, you will realise your efforts worth. So ,brave up, buddy!good luck!