Sore Losers

February 13, 2009 1:09am CST
Have you ever met sore losers on the internet? Well i have. And MANY too. It's frustrating because here i am playing within the rules, and just so happens that i'm winning. And the other party starts hurling vulgarities because he / she is losing. And you know what the funny part is, the game i was playing is about linking words. And sometimes i get long words like say waking or making or something -ing. Don't you feel "cheated" in a way. You're playing within the limits and you get scolded. *sheesh*
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@Antzon (159)
• Singapore
13 Feb 09
hahaha too many actually. They Just want to feel good about themself actually. They feel bad that they have lost the game and wanted something to comfort themself with and the best weapon is their keyboard sitting infront of them. One advice is to ignore them, dont provoke them or comment on them because it is sad enough that they have lost the game. I simple good game or close match would usually bridge the winner and the loser closer as the loser will feel happier
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