@Hrishi86 (676)
February 13, 2009 2:28am CST
wat is the scopes of lawyers in future..?? do they earn more of their advice they give tho the client...??
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@dawon007 (184)
• India
13 Feb 09
As long as their are court cases and as long as the present judicial system is going to continue, lawyers will be in demand. And humans will never stop fighting each other and so there is no lack of cases. But one has to prove his mettle to survive in the feild. There are many who make money by rescuing the culprits and making the accussers the accussed. But they will not suvive for long. There will always be somebody to outshine you in crookedness and it won't work always. But reliving the culprit of a harsh punishment is not that bad given the relived punishment will do enough to make him walk in the right path.