Cheaper by The Dozen! When you watched it?

@dik_an (475)
February 13, 2009 4:37am CST
It was the first time I watched Cheaper by The Dozen. My English teacher was from US and She was my native speaker teacher in my school. At that day, the teacher asked us to go to the lab. I did not know what will happen but it was unusual. Then, the members of the class started to sit and see what will happen. The teacher suddenly told us, that we will have movie session, English movie session, no subtitle and we must understand some scenario. I love the story. It is about how to deal with a dozen children who has different character. That was the first time I learn English by watching movie with no subtitle. From that time, I try to do it by my self and Cheaper by the Dozen is one of my favorite movie. How about you? When the first time you watch this movie?
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