Most embarrassing stories

February 13, 2009 6:47am CST
ok so this ones just for fun. I thought about posting this one after hearing about my friends hillariously embarrassing weekend. and thought i would share it with you since im such a nice friend and hopefully you will share some of your funny stories and give us all a laugh :] So my friend was at a work christmas party, and i know your probably thinking "its probably her not her friend in the story" well your wrong its my friend you dont know me i have no reason to pretend, anyway, she was at her work party and they had a jumping castle. she was very very drunk and decided she would go and play. She was jumping around laughin screaming and drawing plenty of attention to herself. what she didnt know was that her top had slid down and her boobs were actually right out there for everyone to see as she jumped around on the jumping castle. and unlucky for her she has to face these people everyday at work on a serious note. haha i laughed so hard when she told me. So please share your stories :]
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13 Feb 09
I was in my class at school. I normally sit a certain way in class, because I have a back problem, so this is the only comfortable position for me. I have my legs (both bent at the knees) kind of laying next to me on the seat (they're both either on my left side, or my right). This doesn't leave much room for me on the small desk seat. My backpack was on the floor, to the left of my desk. I needed something out of my backpack, so I reached over and grabbed it. When I went to sit back up, I used too much force, so I ended up falling off the edge of my seat, hitting my face on my friend's desk, sitting on the floor, with my legs straight up in the air :P It was a pretty fun class, so one girl asked me if I was okay, and everyone just laughed it off... no one really made a big deal out of it. My friend laughed longer than anyone... she couldn't stop :P Even though she laughed the most, her being in the room made it less embarrassing. So my face was really sore for a couple of days... no bruises (thank God). What made it even more funny was that the day before, our teacher for that class sat on her chair and broke a hole through it :D Two embarrassing stories in such a short amount of time...