Do you eat street snack?

@tudors (1556)
February 13, 2009 9:41am CST
Do you eat street snacks? though a little greasy or even unhealthy, do you love the taste? I love sichuan street snacks, they are famous nationwide in China. like matuan, a kind of sticky paster ball, liangfen, dandan noodles, sour and spicy flavor.
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@sdwfstone (130)
• China
14 Feb 09
i'm a chinese i know all the snacks your have said about sichuan i was born in shandong i love street snack,i think i will never eat M or KFC i hate such snacks
@tudors (1556)
• China
14 Feb 09
I won't buy KFC with my own money coz i dislike it, i prefer MC. sichuan snacks are popular, but i seldom eat these street snack. only those in restaurant.
@se7enthbird (8328)
• Philippines
16 Feb 09
yes i do eat street snacks. i am from the philippines and i makesure that i eat from a store that is clean enough to pass my standards har har har. i've been to malaysia and singapore too and tried their own street snacks. you are from china right? i always watch it from tv and wish i can go there too. there are a lot of good food as i see on tv on china. some stalls even are there for almost 25 to 30 years. very cool.
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
15 Feb 09
as i am indian, we have many street snacks and some are papdi, pani poori, bhel puri ,samosa etc.these are easily available in any indian streets. so i was fond of those street snacks and i like to eat more if i am in india. now i am in kuwait and here i eat kfc and noodles.and here one item we get called kubus and i eat it more. if we eat one kubus ,we can make dinner also .
• United States
14 Feb 09
I love greasy food even though it's unhealthy. I use to stop by a roach coach almost everyday while walking to work in DC. Grab me a Jumbo hotdog with onions, ketchup, mustard, Chili and cheese. I'm drooling now.