We are stay at home parents because of the Internet

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February 13, 2009 4:15pm CST
Are there any other stay at home husband and wife teams out there? What are you doing? We have been through a lot of online businesses and have been with a lot of affiliates... The best one so far has been http://irish4evermore.myworldpower.com Why we got involved: - It's a real product that helps everyone who uses it save money... We've used it and have saved money and been paid cash back. - The company has been around for 2 years (Most new MLMs fail within their 1st 2 years) - Marketing tools... This system is set up to do 95% of the work for you - The system places people in your pipeline - The compensation plan is really good - It was less than $70 to enroll and the monthly membership is under $20 What we provide: - Support... We will show you step by step what we've done to be successful. We are stay at home parents and we live in San Diego... Click on the link below if you would like more information http://irish4evermore.myworldpower.com
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@CRIVAS (1820)
• Canada
13 Feb 09
That would be great except for the fact that most people that want to work online do so because they have no money so for people like us, there is no way for us to join these companies. I think that if you want more people to join, you should make the sign up free!
• Canada
14 Feb 09
If you are not willing to reinvest the earnings you have made online to leverage more money, then you will never earn anything. I'm not saying that an MLM type company is the right way, but for the longest time I thought the exact same way. I started researching about online educations and invested a small amount of money a month to learn techniques to learn online... not looking for referrals etc... it was the best thing I ever did. At the end of the day, you get what you paid for usually. If you are only ever getting free information without a proper direction on how to use it, it's not valuable at all.
• United States
14 Feb 09
Hi Crivas, With all due respect... Most people earn money online have a significant amount of money invested as in several thousand... We have an online business which does very well... We have several affiliates which do very well... And we're involved in a couple of MLMs. We have never and will never promote something that we don't use ourselves. We have tried out a lot of affiliates products and we don't promote all of them. This new MLM we are sharing with everyone is something we just got involved with 9 days ago... We have already made over $150 on a $70 investment... as well as we have our pipeline stoked to where we will make no less than $77 that will be coming in as a residual, less the $20 a month membership... Not to mention we've saved $26 so far this week from the product and we're getting ready to head to Costco once Zoƫ wakes up from her nap so there will be more savings. Hands down this is the best MLM I've seen because they help build your pipeline for you. If it's not for you, it's not for you, and that's okay. We aren't looking for people who are not willing to invest money... Stereo Diva said it best... "If you are not willing to reinvest the earnings you have made online to leverage more money, you will never make anything."