What is the maximum amount you have earned on my lot in a single day?

What is the maximum amount you have earned on my l - My lot
February 14, 2009 2:17am CST
Well guys for me i have earned 0.18 ina single thats the maximum i have earned so far in a single. Noone knows on what bases our earnings are being calculated so so everyone just trys to do their very best in their own manner. So i wold like to know how one can earn in a single day.....
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@djemba (767)
• India
14 Feb 09
The maximum earning for me from Mylot on a single day is around 45 cents. Although I have found mylotters claiming that they gross a single dollar in a day and that it is not at all that tedious for them. But as far as money is concerned my earning is still only 6.65 USD and it is really frustrating when you have the payout on mylot tomorrow so there is no way that I will be hitting payment any time soon. So the only thing that is assured is that I will definitely be paid next month and frankly speaking I am beginning to find mylot a rather slow mode. But I am still hanging in as I am sure that this is a legit pay site.
• India
14 Feb 09
Well even i m a beginnier at my lot and ya its pretty frustrating over here but you see we my lotter are optimistic people so we keep on working hard and hope fully we will make the minimum pay out this month and by the way thanks for your comments.....