Software for rapidshare

February 14, 2009 8:10am CST
Does anyone has software, with which I can download files from Rapidshare with faster speed? I am getting 25-30 speed while downloading from other sites & from Rapidshare I am getting 6-8.
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@mmc_vip (24)
• Romania
14 Feb 09
u could use firefox with this add-one : . it speeds up your download 400%. enjoy;)
@my1341 (460)
• China
15 Feb 09
Sounds amazing, I will try it.
• Canada
7 Nov 09
Yes, they spot check commonly.
• Canada
7 Nov 09
Try using this: ---Official Rapidshare Downloader. It's made for rapidshare, and is virus-free when I used it. It should be working now. Any questions, post a comment.
• India
7 Nov 09
Whats the password of that file. It is asking for password while extracting it.
@arehan (84)
• India
12 Sep 10
Its definitely not your or your computer's fault. Since you are downloading as a free user you will get the lowest priority from rapidshare server. You should not care about it. About downloader for file hosting sites rapidshare, hotfile etc, the one which is compatible with almost all such sites is vity's free rapid downloader, FRD for short. It is small in size and great features, you don't need to install it. here is the official link:
@nosmirc (72)
• Thailand
5 Dec 09
How about using some link genertor sites. I use it very often.
• Mexico
18 Feb 09
Actually i am also looking for this type of software.I search in the net i also find jdownloader,and many more.But problem is i dont have rapidshare premium account.To download the file we need the password and user id.Other wise there will show errors.I am looking for a software which allow rapidshare resume download.I tried DAP.But it does not work for me.Once i pause rapidshare downloading in next time the link get broken.I need to download again from the first.Its really to time taking.Any body knows any good one?
@fren45 (898)
• Malaysia
17 Feb 09
Get Jdownloader to download your rapidshare file. -Configure the reconnect programWith modem or router you currently own. -when ever your rapid share speed become slow it will auto diconnect and reconnect to get a new ip address. -Else you would need a premium rapidshare account -Note with jdownloader capthca is auto entered and completed automatically. -enjoy a fully automated download process Download the program below. -You need to have the latest java installed -Auto update to the latest version. -Happy downloading with rapidshare Download: Let me know whether it works for you : )