Judges really are being paid to put people in jail

@lilnono (228)
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February 14, 2009 4:03pm CST
I've heard a lot of people who have been in trouble with the law say that the system was making money off of putting people in jail.I always thought they were just grabbing on to whatever excuse they could think of. Now there's proof. I can't believe this is only in Canadian newspapers. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/World/2009/02/11/8355401-ap.html I really hope this link works . They won't let me copy and paste.
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2 Mar 09
i'm glad someone started this topic.. this topic should hit hard and i see its been overlooked. lilnono your serious thinker. did you know that the prison system has ties to the stock market? the article is just a jump off point to get one thinking. there have been books written on the subject of the prison industrial complex that uses its prisoners for labor and those prisoners have a value to the stocks we own corporations that pay prisons to use prisoners a cheap laborers as oppose to hiring full fledged workers for more higher pay. its also bonds involved and some other things not to be overlooked. http://www.wariscrime.com/nr/newresponse.aspx?p=1&qid=1908824