Everyone Loves A Winner!!! - I Disagree

United States
February 15, 2009 12:56am CST
I've often heard the phrase "Everyone loves winner!" but that isn't always the case. There are so many jealous people out there that don't want anyone else to do good. From my own personal experience, people have treated me better when I was down and out. But when I was doing good, it brought out the worst in them.
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@zhuhuifen46 (3486)
• China
15 Feb 09
I agree with you. When most people love winners, there are some who are not well prepared to accept failure. Out of jealacy, they might speak and act negatively to degrate you. It is often the case, and should not spoil your feeling. On the contrary, it should be turned to a challenge and warning to you, that someone is aside or behind to catch up with you. You need continuous endeavors to stay up front. You need also hold a positive attitude to welcome such challenge. To have somebody surpass you should also be congratulated, so that you both and others can work together to push forward the cause as a whole.
@forslahiri (1042)
• India
15 Feb 09
Hi, People respect the Winner and show sympathy to Loosers.This is normal in life.But to me taking part is MOST IMPORTANT,winning or loosing is not.I pity those who gives up without participation.... =Lahiri,Kolkata,India.
• Philippines
15 Feb 09
I guess that's called crabmentality. Define a winner first.. because if it's a guy who suddenly hit a jackpot in a lottery then it's 50/50 some will be happy for the guy and some will be terribly envious of his achievement. It happens a lot here where I live...Happens a lot.. it's sad that a lot of people are selfish and too much blinded by riches...
• Japan
15 Feb 09
Everybody does love a winner. The trouble is everybody hates a winner too. Because they all thing they could have done it better. If they had had the chance you would have done thing much differently.