Stupid Security at the airports.

February 15, 2009 2:21am CST
Friends just a couple of days back I flew from Chennai to Delhi, and the stupid security system, just bugged me off. One example I would like to mention is when a womans hand bag was checked, they found that she had the airlines cutleries (stainless steel fork, spoon and knife), the security people would not allow it into the aircraft and simply threw it aside, but the very same stainless steel cutlery was given in the aircraft during dinner. What do you think of this stupid situation. I agree that the security people have to be very careful in the present days, but is this not taking things too far ? Has anything like this happened to you. Your comments please.
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• Chennai, India
15 Feb 09
They do it for they just have the authority. No other reason I find behind this. Probably they might have thought something would be inside, and when they found nothing inside, just threw whatever they found. I didn't have any such experience. But, my brother, when he came from Australia to Chennai, he was just allowed to go through the green gate without being checked. We later found that the Airport authorities stolen something from my brother's leather suitcase. They have opened the sidezip of the leather suitcase, cut open the bag, stolen something and closed the zip as if it remained intact. ??????!!!!!!!!
• India
15 Feb 09
Well that is India, what to do. Thanks for the response.