ever had a ebay shop

February 15, 2009 3:53am CST
ever had an ebay shop, i had it was only a part time thing when i was of uni and whated to make some exter pocket money. i was onl selling small stuff like handmade jewellery and things like that, i was making money but not anything to shout about. then they put the prices up on everything, it work out over twice the price i was paying befou, which i think was very unfar to say the least so i had to stop. but i feel it was the little shops which had to do so, they are the ones which fine it hard not the big sellers who are making the money. now whrn you go to but stuff on ebay the price have also gone up.
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@GemmaR (8526)
15 Feb 09
I do indeed have an ebay shop! It is hard to make money sometimes. Although the shop is popular, the fees that ebay charge make life very difficult for me indeed. I sell around 14 items per day on average at the moment, and they are between £6-£21, but you could get them cheaper elsewhere as I have to raise my prices to account for the fees, which isn't right at all! I do amazing value on postage though to make up for this.
15 Feb 09
ebay is good for buying stuff tho you can find almost anything you what and people sell some really wired stuff also lol
@benny128 (3621)
15 Feb 09
hey there ebay is getting expensive I been using a new site lately which costs 10 cents to list items and your first listing is free I did have an ebay shop but closed it when I found this other site pm me if you need the address as not allowed to post url's on discussions