4 Girls and 1 Boy how can we entertain him too?

United States
February 15, 2009 10:33am CST
We have 4 girls and 1 boy and he happens to be the oldest out of them all. He does hang out with other boys from school on the weekend but it's like when you ask him to go outside he don't want too, he rather stay in the house and play with his sisters.....WHY? He is active in sports, he is a boyscout and he takes karate classes through the week. He just don't like to go and do things with other boys I have to make him but he enjoys the activity that he is involved in. What should we do?
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@mammamuh (582)
• Sweden
16 Feb 09
Let him choose to do what he likes to do! Why are you trying to force him to go and play with other if he doesn't wants to. What is the problem? I don't see it. If he likes hanging arond with his family and sisters that's a good thing - isn't it?! He's involved in some activites perhaps that's enough for him (or even a bit much) listen to your son and make desitions togehter with him!