Torture,Is it ever acceptable?

@joniebee (182)
February 15, 2009 6:00pm CST
Hi everybody,I was today thinking over a very emotive subject,Which was,Is it ever acceptable to torture somebody?I'm sure you will agree that both sides of the argument could put forward an extremely strong case.On the one hand there are people who will say that if torturing one person for information on say a bomb that is about to kill innocent people,Then it would be okay to do so,And then there are people who say that under no circumstances is torturing someone okay.In this discussion i would love to hear your thought's on the matter.
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• Malaysia
16 Feb 09
Torture should be done only when other methods fail to prevail. A psychology negotiator should be called upon to ask the person (in this case the bomb). I believe it would be much easier to persuade a person using psychology than to force him to reveal the truth. Human being is naturally stubborn and tend to fight back if he or she is forced upon a torture. We all have an instinct to protect our safety, dignity and personal space. Torturing is also not applicable to a person who has a very strong resistance towards it. They would not say a thing, even though a pistol is put on his or her head. I always think that talking and persuading is the best way of negotiation.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
16 Feb 09
I don't agree with torture, I am not convinced it would get the truth anyway, I think people would say anything to get people to stop being tortured..I know some crimes makes one think it would be the best but i am not sure it works that way.
• United States
16 Feb 09
Torture is never, in any circumstances right. I think that Obama has done right by forcing GB to shut down within one year. I don't feel any of those practices led us to any real accomplishments. I'm ot sure how we as humans felt a need to condone these types of actions. Perhaps it is something that stems from something basal, but you don't see many in the animal kingdom "torturing" others of their species.