Autism: Causes and How to Prevent it

February 15, 2009 11:34pm CST
I have a 1 yr. 4 months old nephew who, until now, can't speak a single word. He can't even say "mama" or "papa". Furthermore, catching his attention is really a great challenge. Whenever he is in front of the television, no matter how loud you shout his name, he does not recognize you. I have a feeling that my nephew is in-born deaf. I think this is the reason why he can't speak a word, because he can not hear a word from anyone to immitate. I would like to bring this up to her mother however I'm a little bit hesitant because her mother is not that much receptive to suggestions/comments about her child. The reason why I am posting this discussion is for you guys to share the views, comments or knowledge you may have about child autism. How is it acquired? What are the causes? What are the things we can do to prevent it. Can it be cured?
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