Have you ever quarreled with your boss?

quarrel - quarrel,quarrel, quarrel.
@dorayaho (101)
February 16, 2009 1:19am CST
I just quarreled with my boss for a trivial thing. He is really a faultfinder and overparticular about trivial details. No matter how hard i work, he is never satisfying. o.O who cares? I feel better now after quarrel. so have you ever quarreled with your boss?
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• India
16 Feb 09
yes.. i had done with some of my boss.. and very badly 2 times with those persons who are always fault finders.. I have no problems with my current boss. Anyway, I am sure i wil quit my job faster. I hate to work under others & if we continue the same, no way we can be another famous personality or new role model for others. I am always strong and strict with my policies. So i will never fear to fight with anyone who are wrong with me or if they are imperfect & blame me. I am a person who is greedy for respect than greedy for money. So i don't mind to quarrel with my boss if he gives less respect to me or he tries to find faults on me.