Do you get on with your parents?

February 16, 2009 4:29am CST
Hi Everyone, I wanted to know if people get on with their parents or if they are like me who don't get on with their parents! I have never lived with my Dad and when I have seen him he has not made any effort to get to know me. My Mum brought me up on her own but we don't get along. I think we are too much a like that we clash. We had an argument last night after 5 minutes of her walking in the door. I'm not talking to her now and I think it is for the best as she upsets me too much. I just want to be happy:)
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16 Feb 09
I have found that it gets easier as you get older. When I lived at home I didn't get on with either of my parents, but when I moved out it got much easier. Probably since we didn't see each other every day, we didn't get on each others' nerves. Also, as you get older and have to take on more responsibility, i.e. a mortgage etc., I think it gives you a better perspective on life. I am happy to say that my Mum and I are now really close, so hang in there, it will get better. :)
16 Feb 09
I know what you mean as we older and don't live with our parents anymore its easier to get along with them because we have the choice whether to speak or see them. I'm glad you are close to your Mum and hope that I will be close to my daughter when she is grown up:)