How many discussions one needs to post to reach payout?

February 16, 2009 7:48am CST
Hi guys I was just wondering if any one of you can help me by telling exactly how many discussions one needs to post to reach minimum payout of 10$.Like now my earning stats shows i have made 76 cents with 26 posts so what do you think i will have to post around 400 to reach pay out or what or can i reach it earlier by posting comments only. Please let me know chow happy mylotting
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@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
16 Feb 09
there is no definite calculation to reach payout here. in my two years of being here in mylot, the calculation i made is on my activity and time i spent here. the points after our name are simply an indication on how active we are. posting discussion adds to our points, as responding to other discussions would also add to our points. roughly, it took me more than 500 points to rerach a payout here. some had lower point, but they probably posted pictures and referred more people here in mylot.
• India
16 Feb 09
Hi mensab Thanks for your comments. You have been a great help i will keep that in mind. Nice to meet you Have a happy mylotting chow
@TnWoman (1896)
• United States
16 Feb 09
hello thapamanishkumar i see that you have twenty-nine beside of your screen name here at Mylot today. if you plan on making your Mylot minimum payout amount of ten dollars by the end of February, you had better get to starting lots of new discussions and also responding to as many of them as you can on a daily basis. remember thou, quality counts here at Mylot. nobody wants to read or respond to a one liner discussion or nor does anybody want to get a one liner as a response to one of their discussions either. if you have time to on a daily basis here at Mylot, start a few new discussions and respond to at least fifty discussions or more in a day's time, and you should be close to making the minimum payout amount for the month of February here at Mylot. good luck to you in reaching your payout amount for the month of February here at Mylot. post, post, post! take care and have a beautiful afternoon.