How to find the right tutor....

@Jellen (1852)
United States
February 16, 2009 12:30pm CST
You can find tutors listed in most phone books and in the classified section of most newspapers, but how do you find the right tutor? What qualifications do you look for in a tutor? How do you know the tutor will be a good match for your needs? You do you homework. You make a call and ask some direct questions. Instead of the tutor asking you for all you information, be certain to get the information you need by asking some specific questions too. For a list of the questions you ought to ask, see this source: If you are a private tutor or you help tutor in your school, this article will also help you know what will make you an effective tutor and how to prepare for questions from parents. What have you done to find the right tutor for your child or yourself?
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