Have you imagine that your parents dead this morning ?

@Ratris (79)
February 16, 2009 3:14pm CST
I am sorry, that is extremely question. This seem impolite,sad and terrible statement. But I will share a story for lotters. I have friend and she has married. She has 3 children. The first is a boy and he on Senior High School. The second is a boy and he still Elementary School. And the third is a baby. She just 2 years. They have no father since one year ago. They live with their mother. They always go to school together.Mother and third children. Once day when they go to school at morning. The first children riding motorcycle. Behind him was second child. Then mother and the baby. Unfortunetly when motorcycle would passed a car front of it, motorcycle cannot passed the car. Motorcycle just avoid hole road. And motorcycle j miss balance. Then this was fall down with the riders.All riders also fall down too. What a pity ? Mother was fall down and suddenly there was a truck behind her. And truck was bumped her. She was dead at the time. There so much blood. But three of her children was safe. And they still live. Yes, this is terrible happen. They dont have mother at the morning. I am so sorry to know that. May Good gift the best for three children for all they do.Lotters,.. may you share this with me ?
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