Do you easily get irritated?

Irritated? - 
February 16, 2009 8:39pm CST
Our country is one of the hottest places in the world. You can feel the heat anywhere you go. I am included to those people who can easily be irritated if weather is too hot or in crowded places... Is this a normal feeling? if not I would rather change that ASAP.
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@henahuda (158)
• Australia
17 Feb 09
yup it happens to me as well that if i am planning to go out and it becomes very hot outside and i know i have to go out and its too hot outside i do get irritated on this fact it had to happen today only.i really donot know that does it mean that there is something wrong with us and we need to change or not but certainly this really spoils the crowd doesnot irritate me thats fine you cannot do anything about the crowd thats fine with the best way is to not to take care of these issues and just enjoy the moment.
@patzel88 (3311)
• Philippines
17 Feb 09
i get irritated to a hot weather also and it really affects my mood especially when there are some mis understanding to my opponents that i will probably do yell the person and sometimes i get head ache of the hot weather.
@dodo19 (33590)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
17 Feb 09
Yes, I can say that there are times, when I get easily irritated. I'm half-Irish and half-French. Not exactly a good combination, when it comes to tempers, from what I've heard.