Thank you to all :)

@Alex18 (169)
United States
February 17, 2009 12:44am CST
Hello all my fellow mylotters :) I want to thank everyone so much for all their help over the last few days, I have had a rough few days and a lot of questions for everyone here. I havent had time to respond to them all, but I appreciate every response that was posted to my discussions. I want to personally thank sugarplum9084,karadiablo, deebomb, tamron123, nhjfrazer, allentcl82, Imsocool, jessi0887, imaginearea, ROYALG333, overwings, rmuxagirl, killhawaii, mommaj, analupinho, dorisday1971, mermaidivy, patriciaqualls, kent_help2smile, Jinxymannequin, allentcl82, maissj, zandi458, mimico, bing28, lingli_78, sunita64, abby_gale, diamondrose1. Thank you so much for all of your responses, I appreciate everyone of them, even if i havent responded to them personally, your taking time out of your day to help me with my problems and offering advice to help me. You guys have helped me realize that I was just blinded by love and she played me. I made a mistake and what i need to do is learn from that mistake and move on in my life. To Spoiledbrat802, im sorry for what I said, I snapped a little. At the time what you said isnt what I wanted to hear and when i get something in my head i dont like to hear anything else and at the time i posted it I was in that state of mind. I really do appreciate your response and you were right about what you said. I also want to thank my best friend in the whole entire world, Phoebe, she stayed with me the entire time i was broken and helped piece me back together. She has always been there for me since the day I met her. I appreciate that so much Phoebe. Thank you for everything. Thank you all for everything, thank you for all of your help. Have a fantastic day! God Bless.
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@jiapht (8)
• China
17 Feb 09
u are a person who holds a thankful heart . i like u in this aspect.
@forslahiri (1042)
• India
17 Feb 09
Hi, It is good to know that U've LEARNT from mistakes made in Life,so that U donot do it again(this is important).U are open to suggestions and real courageous to accept ur mistake,Good to note that Ur life is back to the Right Track!All the Very Best ! =Lahiri,Kolkata,India.
• China
17 Feb 09
I don't know what you posted previously. Anyway, I think facing what you don't want to hear frankly need courage.