What u do when u got insomnia?

@SmilyQin (180)
February 17, 2009 4:46am CST
I like to thinking about all the things that already happened or would happen when I am on bed every night,I just can't get rid of this bad habbit ,so I got insomnia now!It is so bad that I can't fall asleep .But my condition is not so bad,that is I can sleep till midnight.And the other morning,I just feel thatI am going to sleep everywhere everytime! I tried many many ways,but it just doesn't.I never try medicine,i don't want to depend on them. Now I have a good idea,I try some essential oii that is good for insomnia.It works sometimes! How is your condition?
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@zhontine (127)
• China
19 Mar 09
essential oii?glad to share tire my body,I'll be sleepy
• India
19 Feb 09
I am not insomniac but on certain nights I do have trouble sleeping. Its either too hot and stuffy or the brain is just too aware and doesn’t want to doze off. Whatever it is, sometimes I stand on the balcony and the cool air has a softening effect, I also splash cool water on my face and neck and try to keep my mind as blank as possible.
• Philippines
17 Feb 09
i have been an insomniac since childhood. my mother told me that i have this condition since i was a baby yet. so, my condition is quite a rare one. when sleep is too difficult to come up with, i have to have a good massage. a therapeutic massage for the entire body in order to counter the sick feeling that i get from nights without sufficient sleep. i also eat a lot of herbs, fruits and vegetables. the doctor has advised me to be restive at nights, lay down in bed and then pretend that i am sleeping. this way, i have at least rested somehow. whereas, if i keep on being alive and awake around the house in the evenings, i will end up without having had rest at all for the day. i found this to be a good habit to observe. at most times, i am able to doze off before i know it. indeed, i am having some few hours of sleep each night. this is much better than having zero.