What was your first common use of internet ?

February 17, 2009 5:46am CST
When you started using internet , what was the purpose you used mainly in those initial days. For me and many of my friends, it was for getting content which was not available easily and that which excites the youth at that age, I was in school that time. Any Guesses ? I will tell you, I dint have internet access at home then , so had to go to cyber cafe for internet and most of the time it was for surfing adult content. Now I know that it was not any special case with me , most of my friends used to that in that age . What about you ? Did you use only for setting a mail account. I am sure everybody must have had a naughty side at that age , so tell your first use?
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@lcqlcq (5)
• China
17 Feb 09
when I was 16 I first exposed to the internet. you know in my high school so many classmates talked about CS.well ,It is the game that drive me crazy and then I always went to cybercafe. yes... I used it for game.
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• India
17 Feb 09
Well at our places, cyber cafe provide slow net so playing CS on net is pretty difficult. We used to play CS at LAN in our college. If you live in a hostel you can play on LAN , I never played CS on net, only game I have played on net is chess
@Desmont (80)
• United States
22 Jun 09
I actually started using it when I was around 13, I mostly used it to look up cheats and walkthroughs and such for video games when I had trouble in them, or I used it to look up random things that would catch my interest, though not too much caught my interest other than video games at the time...
@sdas86 (6076)
• Malaysia
17 Feb 09
I am using internet to look for information. Now, I am using internet to make money. It is quite fun and internet is surely a great invention.