how i met your mother copying FRIEND

February 17, 2009 7:59am CST
Hi folks, many times watching HIMYM I get the feeling it is a copycat of FRIENDS. I have seen many situation which are almost exact replicas of friends. What do you people feel . One example of a situation I give you where Lily and Marshal are getting married and they avoid calling there ex-es similar to FRIENDS. Also, Barney has feeling for Robin...things similar to FRIENDS are appearing
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@uicbear (1903)
• United States
17 Feb 09
I think any show now involving a group of friends is bound to get compared to the "Friends". Plus, with "Friends" being on the air for what 10 seasons, to not duplicate scenarios that were involved on that show would probably be impossible. The thing that I think makes HIMYM different is the characters. I could try and compare them but really the comparisons would be weak. You can find similarities in characters between any show. I really like HIMYM. Maybe some of the reason is because it does remind me of "Friends" a bit. But I like the show for it's own merits, and humor.
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• India
17 Feb 09
you are true that HIMYM has generated its own liking. Who can forget the LEGENDARY of Barney, AWESOMENESS of its characters. FRIENDS of course was the first of its kind and almost everybody has seen it so it is bound to remind itself not only in HIMYM but also in real life situations
• Finland
16 Jun 09
How about the thing with Ted breaking up with Natelie on her birthday twice. In Friends the _same_ _actress_ gets dumped on her birthday by Mike. They both are one episode appearances. Also the situation where Ted starts to fool around at the disco where the music is extremely loud and it suddenly stops, following an akward situation. In Friends there is a basketball match where the applauds stop quickly = the same joke. There are many these kind of things, maybe I'll make a list of them in the future.. I love both of the shows but so much have already been used in Friends.. it starts to bother me.
• India
18 Jun 09
@aaccio Right on the mark.