The Journey of Obama

Obama the journey - Obama the Journey and the man
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February 17, 2009 7:56pm CST
After reading Presidents Obama's first book its makes me even appreciative of him as President. Obama had to navigate so many different forces and identities on the journey to find himself. He was born in Hawaii, a place with no history of Civil rights struggle. The union of his Kenyan father and white Kansas mother was ill fated at the least and it was brief. In this backdrop the boy Obama learned hard lessons of stick to it ness from his mother and from his father, who left before he ever knew him, he inherited hte character of confidence and the idea of a dreamer. Following his mothers new life in Indonesia, young Barck learned people are the same all over. They all want the same things love, life and liberty. Searching and seeking an understanding of self became an increasingly important purpose. He started reading and hearing the stories of blacks on the mainland and what they were going through and what they had gone through. He started to wonder how was he connected to that story?This question in his mind carried him to seek a purpose of doing something to help. His journey took him to New York, then to Chicago, to law school and to community organize. The rest as they say is history. The journey of finding those answers to the questions of who he was carried Obama to where he is today. The President of the United States. He has empathy to understand our weaknesses and our frailties but has the discipline and intelligence to navigate multiple horizons and set a plan to achieve with insight and new thinking brought by overcoming hurdles on his journey. He knows the hearts of men. Both the good and the bad. He knows the darkness of the Jim Crow clan and the ignorance of the outdated protester holding on to an idea out of fashion. Obama is the right man of this time.
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18 Feb 09
I am interested in reading his books too. It is still hard to believe that he is president.