Treatment of Aboriginals...Should they be treated differentially?

February 18, 2009 12:50am CST
Aboriginal are the large group of nomadic people in Australia, Canada, and USA before the first colonist arrived. The settlers made treaties with the aboriginals, where it regulated the exchange of goods between the both parties. They also made treaties of peace and friendship, promising to act as allies against other invading colonies. However these partnership deteriorate over time. Aboriginals are pushed to reserves as their numbers decrease due to illness and tribal war. Their lands are being used by settlers to establish farms and colonies. The settlers took advantage of the aboriginal language barrier to interpret the treaties to their benefits. Up to today, Aboriginals are still trying to protect their treaty rights, issues such as the right to fish, hunt, trade, or titles to land that were seized in violation of the treaty rights. What do you think of this debating issue? Personally, i standing by the side of the aboriginals, the rights that the aboriginals have at that time was being violated by the settlers in the first place! It is simply unfair for modern governments to simply turn over the metropolitan land and ignore the rights of the current inhabitants!
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@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
18 Feb 09
I am very keen on traveling overseas. Interesting places I have been to are Australia with the aboriginals and New Zealand with a maori people. They were in the countries before the settlers came along. I think that in Australia the lifestyle is so different. The aboriginals live inland and the white people live around the coastline in some cases. I went to visit the School of the Air when I was in Western Australia. That was fascinating. I think aboriginals should have equal opportunities as the white people in Australia. Their culture and history should be considered important. Aboriginal art is excellent. I was horrified when I learned about the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand that happened all that time ago. I hope the maoris are treated with respect. I don't know much about their life. Having been to Israel where the Western Wall is next to the Dome of the Rock I can see land ownership is a touchy topic. I love to see peace.
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• Singapore
20 Feb 09
Well, frankly, i have never seen a aboriginal before, i just bring up this topic as i feel unfair to them regarding the treaty matter.. Even though the treaty is agreed upon by both parties, i somehow feel that they are being mis-lead by their language capability into believing the settlers.. .