Would you forgive your boyfriend if he almostforgot to greet you on your bday?

February 18, 2009 5:52am CST
It was my bday last week...the day was almost over...all my friends and relatives already texted and greeted me....my boyfriend and i are far from each other...i waited the whole day for himto greet me even only thru text...i dont expect any gift from him..a simple text will do....it was already evening when he texted me and he said sorry but he defended that the day was not yet over so its still my bday...nevertheless i felt bad and disappointed....bday comes only ones a year...and i really look forward into these kind of occassions...
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• United States
18 Feb 09
At least he told you happy birthday. I would forget about it and move on, but that is just me. I didnt even see my husband on my last birthday because we were fighting and I went to my parents for the weekend. He did text me later that night to wish me a happy birthday though, as long as he does it sometime that day then it should be ok.
@okoyskabo (186)
• Philippines
18 Feb 09
if i was caught in a situation like yours, i would forgive my boyfriend but he really has to make up for his delay. he has to show how sorry he is. he has to write me a love letter, or sing me a love song or whatever it is to show that he's sorry and that he loves me and that i am special to him. if it's a very special occasion like birthday, i would expect him to greet me first, on 12 midnight of my birthday.