do you read only the books prescribed??

February 18, 2009 9:00am CST
hey friends.what ul do...ul read only the books that is prescribed to you or ul get some reference books and read from that also to improve ur knowlwdge
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@NaomiErin (389)
• Philippines
19 Feb 09
I only read the prescribed books when exams are getting near. haha! ^_^ But then if you're really curious and interested in pursuing the subject, might as well look for other reference materials that will broaden your knowledge about it. Not only will it help you strengthen your beliefs in that matter, but also it will keep you updated on that subject.
• Saudi Arabia
19 Feb 09
Actually, I prefer to read only that which interests me. If an assigned book can't hold my interest, then I don't read it, but if an unassigned book can then I'll read that instead.
@jo1791 (2)
• Philippines
18 Feb 09
You have to get some references and read to improve ur knowledge because by reading these different books and author they have different ideas also that you can learned from them. You can compare now those ideas that you have been read. You can really make your idea base on the different authors and books.
@vishwaskg (514)
• India
18 Feb 09
hi there,,, [b]If i finish studying with the prescibed books i then start reading reference books... because its best to follow what is prescribed as the person who prescribed has the definite knowledge on what is best to read for a subkect .If i feel that i require further info only then i go for references [/b] CHeers