Ronnie James Dio

February 18, 2009 7:01pm CST
Ronnie James Dio now I have to say is my hero not because his vocals are almost godlike but of the way he thinks about music, his lyrics and his knowledge & love for good old heavy metal/rock n roll. I love Ronnie James Dio in any of his band Rainbow(my personal favourite right now), Black Sabbath, Dio & Elf(his first band) and also Ritchie Blackmore & Tony Iommi are my guitar heros so Dio with those guys is just perfect music for me. I'm also intriuged(if thats the correct spelling) to know what Heaven and Hell are like live as i'm seeing them in hellfest(they are practically the only reason i'm going to hellfest this year) What are your thoughts on Ronnie James Dio the metal master? Do you prefer him to Ozzy? What your favourite band of his? Are you gonna buy Heaven and Hells new album "The Devil You Know"? Cheers for the Response! ! !Metal 4 Life! ! !
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@ROYALG333 (126)
• United States
19 Feb 09
Ozzy was only good because of the musicians around him. Dio has got to be the more epic singer. I agree with you. Metal 4 life! And when i saw Dio open for Iron Maiden, I thought I was in heaven! Long live Randy Rhodes!
• Ireland
19 Feb 09
Yeah that's what I've always kinda thought of ozzy after he left Sabbath the only good albums he really did was Blizzard of Oz and Black Rain, usually I always thought his vocals actuall ruined the song/album, and Randy Rhodes was an awesome guitar player. I'll die happy when I see Heaven and Hell! ! !Cheers
20 Feb 10
Dio is a legend. He first started out in a band called Ronnie Dio and the Red Caps...Elf came about 10 yearws later in about 1968.
• United States
19 Feb 09
it's not just depends on vocals but everything u are right man