Have you ever killed someone? Have you ever had an idea about your fate?

stranger than fiction - the stars of stranger than fiction
February 18, 2009 8:49pm CST
I just watched "Stranger than fiction" a while ago in HBO and I had no regrets in watching it. It's a movie starring Will Ferrel and Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. It's a very intriguing movie with a really really interesting story or plot. Emma Thompson plays a great and respected author of books which are known for innocent heroes and loved heroes dying at the end of the story but suddenly she realized the recent character of her upcoming book really "EXIST" and that is being played by "Will Ferrel". All in all it's a must watch. It's an eye opener in my opinion that makes us realize that "we" are the masters of our fate. "We" are the ones who make who we are. I know it's a movie that was made like 2 years ago but still, kudos to the ones that made it. Made me cry in the end. "An innocent man who knows he's going to die and yet willingly wanted to die is not a person to kill" A masterpiece I should say. Two thumbs up.
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@neknna (63)
19 Feb 09
i have'nt seen that movie, i'll try to catch that movie some time. But for the question, have i ever killed someone? oh my, never ever entered my mind to do such. I respect people and our almighty. Even if such person is so evil, he still has a chance for a change, and killing is not an answer. Problematic people needs not abandonment rather give love and encouragement. About my fate, i don't have any idea, even though we run our own life, but it still him who knows where we really are going.. We sail our own boat but he owns the river/ocean we are sailing into.. We all need guidance.
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• Philippines
19 Feb 09
Oh..Alright go and watch it. You won't regret it. And yes I do agree about respecting other people and fearing the almighty upstairs. And fate? hmmm...it would be really nice if you do have an idea don't you think? or maybe it'll just ruin the suspense of life. thanks for your response neknna!
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