obama loks more violant than bush

February 18, 2009 11:52pm CST
as for current policies i think obama looks more aggressive and violent than bush the first acts under his administration were attacks on afghanistan and pakistan both of killed many civilians building up sopport for the taliban he want to extend the military side of the war.
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• Philippines
19 Feb 09
i am not really updated with how obama works and acts on matters involving his treatment of wars and terrorism. however, reading through your discussion, his administration could only mean harsher war measures to be undertaken by the united states against those countries where they are currently indulged in. actually, i was hoping that obama will be softer about going through with wars. i feel sorry for those soldiers who do not wish to be involved in wars at all. we are aware that there are so many of american soldiers who themselves hate going to war. they are only forced to do so by the law with which they must abide with being american citizens. i'd rather like to hope that obama will not be one war freak president at all.