which is the most wonderful day in your life??

February 19, 2009 12:38am CST
hello everyone..each and every person would have some day to be cherished forever in their life.when my love proposed me ,it was the best day in my life(no words to explain)...can i know the most cherished moment and day of your life??
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• Philippines
19 Feb 09
Hello there angelscreator. =) Good day to you, Mine would be when the days when I was just a little kid. Those times, all of the attention of my family and relatives is in me. They really took care of me that much that I was their angel that time. My parents also taught me the values in life while I am growing up. and as the years passed by I can say that I am really proud of what and who I am now, and it's because of the people who helped and taught me the importance of life.
@candytang (341)
• China
19 Feb 09
Happy day ! As for me ,the most wonderful day in my life is when I was young ,I played with my little friends and I had nothing to think about ,nothing to worry about .That's really wonderful that I often remember it.
@jofeli (504)
• Indonesia
19 Feb 09
I think the best day of my life is our wedding day. I had been preparing for it myself (and only myself because my hubby had to work across the island) so when it finally came, I'm so glad that all my hard work preparing stuffs for our wedding day was all over. Our journey eventually came to an end, a happy end: marriage, after a very long period in relationship (more than five years) and had passed through rocky roads (my parents won't give their blessings for us because we aren't from the same ethnic groups), and it was a though and hardest time for my hubby to get along with my family and I to his. I must say that our wedding day was the best day when we released our heavy burdens, and all out. I was so glad at that day, and smiling all day!
• India
19 Feb 09
hiii angelscreator..I have a day in my child i won't forget that day.Because in my childhood that is the wonderful day..At my childhood i was interested to play games and i won't have computer on that day and i am interestedin videogames..And i like them very much and i would like ask my dad daily to buy me a videogame..but after asking many times my dad get me a videogame and this was a surprising gift for me..that is a wonderful day for me..happy mylotting...