Death dreams

United States
February 19, 2009 1:52am CST
Does anyone have dreams they are going to die? I've been having wierd dreams that someone is trying to kill me. They will either shoot me or drown me. Does anyone else have crazy dreams like that?
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
19 Feb 09
Yes, many of times. I have had dreams of a vampire trying to kill me. Or an werewolf. You are not alone. I have experienced the same thing. Sadly to say, I have had many of dreams of someone trying to kill me. I have dreams of me falling into the darkness. I am unsure of why I have had many dreams as this. It is very scary when I wake up. It is like I always dream that I am at my grandmother's house, and a monster is trying to kill me, so I run to my next door neighbor's house. But, they will never be home, but yet in real life, someone is always there at their home. It is very wierd.. I have even had a dream that reddish water was coming fast down the street that my grandmother lives on. It was coming down real hard down the road.. It was coming, and the water came to drown me and my family that was still inside of the trailer. I would like to know what my dreams mean. I hope that you will get the answers to yours too. It can be very scary to dream that someone or something is trying to kill you.. I just hope that ours dreams does not mean that we will die just as EXACTLY as our dreams.
@fifileigh (3619)
• United States
21 Feb 09
i have. i tried to figure it out. and i noticed that the couple looked familiar, but slightly different looking in the dream. they have similar sick personalities but different look. i think they were my mother's mentally ill sick retarded brother and his mentally ill retarded aryan german wife. they r both sick and crying to be irish all their life. they want to kill me because lots of people tell me i look irish. and they broke in my townhouse when i was sleeping to try to kill me in my sleep. in the dream, i fight them when they try to inject me with a lethal injection. in the dream, i really thought it was happening. it gave me the creeps. they get frustrated. disappear. come back and look for something in my closet. and they try to kill me again. i continue fighting them. finally he comes at me trying to do something to me, and i wake up fast, thinking it is real. then when i wake up, i realize it was a dream, but what a sick dream.
@elghrasya (502)
• Philippines
19 Feb 09
I have also experienced that kind of dreams, there are times that i will wake up crying because of my dreams.. Last night I dream that some rape me and I feel really scared. Maybe I need to pray before I go to sleep.. Be optimistic so that you will not have a bad dream again..