break up

February 19, 2009 10:27am CST
Isn't it hard to accept a breakup?.between lovers?.like for this instance. They we're past lovers, the boy and girl during the high schools years.After that the boy graduated, and proceeded to college. Leaving the girl, but they were still boyfriend-girlfriend.but not long they separated.5 yrs after,they saw each other again,but the boy had already a new girlfriend,and the girl was single(a year before the girl had also a heart aching breakup also with her new boyfriend,They saw each other,and seemed like the feeling they felt in the past came back, they started communicating with each other.Then one day,the boy said that he still loves her and that he misses her.Yet the girl said,how could you love me, and miss me.You know your still attached with another,but deep inside the girl feels the same way as the boy felt for her.The girl said if you really do,then prove it.So he did.After a few days,the boy said to her,that he had broken up with her girlfriend,because he loves the girl,and wanted it to prove it to her,he said it was really difficult,yet he also said,he didn't like their relationship anymore.So now the boy courted the girl again,and later she said yes.But a week after,her Ex-girlfriend to his house,and told the father of the boy what the boy did to her, his father was so angry.4 days after,the girl started to worry why he didn't communicated with her anymore.because of his father's interference.his father wanted that he and his ex would get back together, but the boy doesn't want to. until now.Unexpectedly the boy broke up with the girl.The girl kept on crying she was hurt,yet she understood him, and continued loving him and so with the boy, he continued o love her even though they had to break up....END (it was a dream that became a nightmare for her)A Love Story that had became a tragedy...
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@willofGod (113)
• Nigeria
20 Feb 09
Its is a very bad thing for lovers to break up. I am still having thesame problem. There was a girl i loved so much that i gave evrything. But a time came when she left.....I started having multiple relationship since then just to make sure i forget about her. But i still couldn't..Although we've not been seeing i am sure whenever we see again iF she shouLd say she is sorry i will forgive her-EVEN IF I AM MARRIED! I think it is always like that....IT IS ALWAYS HARD TO LET GO SOMEONE YOU LOVE... LOVE IS A FOOLISH ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!
• United States
20 Feb 09
Breaking up is NOT a bad thing unless you define it as such. Life is 100 percent perfect. If you look, and postpone judgment, you will see the perfection in all events over time. ----- I have had plenty of relationship breakups. I know the pain of them, but I also know the perfection of them. ----- Life is constantly trying to give you what you have been asking for. Resisting it is the cause of suffering. Attachment to the results is the cause of suffering. ----- I suggest that anyone who wishes to improve their lives and cease being blown about by the winds of fate join my relationship coaching group or do the personal growth work required to understand who you are and how life works. ---- Best Wishes!
@angelface23 (2498)
• United States
19 Feb 09
im still not over my ex and its been 4 years now. Unfortunately we don't speak anymore and I don't ever see him around. I wish that we could still be on speaking terms but then again so much time has passed and I am married now with a child. What really is there to say? I just carry the memories of our love around with me forever and sometimes it's haunting to say the least. I battle with regrets everyday of my life. And no one really understands me. I don't understand me. Love sucks!