Will Kane Find Out It Isn't His Baby - Ah the young & the restless soap is so fasinating. can't wait to find out if Kane willfind out that the baby isn't his.
February 19, 2009 11:30am CST
Boy it sure is exciting! Lily is too straight to let Kane think it is his baby. If chloe dies and the truth comes out..maybe billy will let Lily and Kane adopt the baby to raise it as their own. but definately...lily and kane will get back together..that I have know from the start that it would come to that. Boy this storyline is good.!!!
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@TnWoman (1896)
• United States
19 Feb 09
hello dancingredfeather i do not know about Lily and Kane getting to adopt Billy's baby. i think that Chloe is going to make it, she was still hanging in there today on the soap. and yes, if i was Lily i would have had to already say something to Kane the great, about it not being his baby. wouldn't you? especially after everything that she has been through in Chloe ruining her and Kane's relationship. the young and the restless has been really good watching lately. i think that Chloe will pull through and her and Billy will get together and then Lily and Kane will be free to get back together. but who knows what is going to happen thou. thanks for the discussions about the soap. take care and have a beautiful afternoon.
• Canada
19 Feb 09
After viewing today, I couldn't get over it that Kane is in denial and doesn't want to accept it isn't his. As for Lily, she did the right thing, it wasn't for her to tell him, unless chloe or Billy didn't say anything. She still isn't out of the woods yet. For sure Billy has lost Lily. I feel for Sharon as she still loves her x & waww she slept with Billy! watch if she doesn't get pregnant too lollllll. I hope not..I hope that Nick and her get back together again.