Wind or sun

United States
February 19, 2009 2:43pm CST
Is wind energy more effective for the price overall, rather than solar energy? I wonder because it seems that wind turbines are more expensive, but solar panels are more versatile but not as powerful. Anyone have a clue?
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@cubbie (50)
• United States
3 Sep 09
Well hello. I think both are good alternatives to using coal and such. With wind it is costly to maintain and requires a large amount of land most of the time and needs a lot of wind haha. With solar panels they are smaller. Easier to transport and requires very little maintenance. On the plus side with solar panels if your home is generating/creating more electricity than you are using the electric company will actually pay you money. So I believe solar panels are a better choice but they can cost up to $60,000(American dollars). :)
@online_jon (1478)
• Philippines
20 Feb 09
Hi volcom9681, good day to you. Well this is my response to your topic entitled "wind or sun". Well me as my opinion i will chooce the wind for energy rather than sun,because as i know when you use the sun as a source of energy electricty it is more dangerous! And if you use the wind energy it is more easy and safe... Well that's all my response to your forum topic discussion! Thank you very much and happy mylotting!