Did you ever had Linux installed? Windows vs Linux

@dvrtmcc (176)
February 19, 2009 3:33pm CST
Windows holds 90% of OS market. But Linux is free, you can download it for free and there is some advantages except that is free. For ex. You have bluetooth already installed and ready to use, there is a bunch of softwares already installed and they are using less CPU memory, there is also less viruses. But first thing that you notice is that it has no built in common tasks(you must download some scripts), there is not much softwares made for Linux, you must use terminal from time to time etc. But people from Microsoft can invest 6 billion dollars in Vista and that makes Windows better. Linux is made mostly for free. So I guess that products you must buy are selling better than free products. So did you ever moved from Windows to Linux?
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@shiva529 (285)
• India
20 Feb 09
hi i use dual operating systems of ubuntu and windows. i to use ubuntu because of my project work and it is simple to use.it has fast transfer of data in drives,loading of web pages is faster than windows.we can also delete any junk data in the drives of windows..also we can switch to windows any time we want..hence i prefer to use Linux regularly...
@dvrtmcc (176)
• Eritrea
20 Feb 09
Maybe that is the best solution. To have both OS on pc.
@my1341 (460)
• China
20 Feb 09
I have just installed "Ubuntu linux" on my computer. Someone says it is more user friendly than any other linux distributions and has an elegant 3D interface. I really wanna try and study it.