To what thing would you compare yourself??

February 19, 2009 7:01pm CST
There are so many possible things in this world that you can compare yourself with. What would it be?
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@sataness (321)
20 Feb 09
Hmm i'd definately would be a cat, yourself?
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
I would compare myself to the plants. Plants breath in the bad air and emit good air for the earth. There are so many bad things happening and I come to absorb and relax for a while and share whatever I feel would be good to turn the bad things into good ones. This may be a very wishful thinking. But I do really want to be like what the plants do.
@jziakhan (702)
• Pakistan
1 Mar 09
Well, there is a thing I can compare myself to, but it doesn't exist on the face of the Earth,not yet. I would have compared myself to perpetual energy, I never run out of energy! Another comparision would be an igloo, I can resist the cold harsh weather outside and stay calm with myself, Take the cold harsh weather as two people fighting with each other and I wacthing from a distance, not saying a word. :)
27 Feb 09
Maybe cat I would compare myself to, because I like to be loved and stroked as I did to my pet cat years ago. How about you?
@roniroxas (10576)
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
thing? i guess chargable batteries. when it rans out you dont have to buy a new one. all you have to do is to recharged it. just give a few hours of rest and it is ready to go again. you can use the battery in a lot of things, specially on the remote of the tv which is very important. lol. every house hold always has a battle of the remote.
@SomeCowgirl (32271)
• United States
20 Feb 09
I am not quite sure what I would compare myself to but I think I like mydianat's answer in that it varies. Some days I would compare myself to a leaf flowing in the breeze, calm and relaxed, just floating, and gracefully landing on it's perch. Other times I am more like a cat ready to strike the mouse, uptight and stressed, yet hungry.
@Torion83 (47)
• United States
20 Feb 09
I would have to compare my self to a Lion, for more than just one reason, but to name a few the lion has a majestic presence about it, without any action his power shows, he is a family man always ready to fight for his pride and his terf. If you asked alion to compare himself to one thing on this earth He would say ME.
@mysdianait (64064)
• Italy
20 Feb 09
I compare myself to several things, depending on which day of the week it is. On some days I can be compared to a door mat and on others to a locomotive pulling a train. Then there are rare occasions when others compare me to other objects too Have fun and happy Lotting!
• Singapore
20 Feb 09
Human + Robot percentage vary.