new term is coming

February 20, 2009 12:56am CST
only one week's free is leaving and i haven't get ready for a new term.this holiday,i didn't do any meaningful thing.and sometime i even feel i have no life just like a plant.and i will have a exam in April.some night i were too fear the exam to sleep.but even now i know all the wrong things i done . i 'm also do like befor ,nothing were changed . who have the ways to change my ambivalence feeling.
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• China
28 Feb 09
Sometimes i have the same feeling. Even though I clearly kmow i waste a lot of time, buy perhaps i can't overcome idleness. It is a bad habbit. Then i will regret just as you told us. I think if we want to change the situation, we must set our minds to do it. We must change from the bottom of the heart. Let's try together! Good luck!