would you still befriend your ex boyfriend who two timed you?

February 20, 2009 5:02am CST
we shared more than four years of friendship.. but less than a month relationship.. will i put them all to waste because of "one huge mistake"? i need your opinion guys.. :)
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@borgborg (821)
• Philippines
20 Feb 09
So, walk me through this... You were good friends before and when you started a relationship he cheated on you? If that is the case, and you two were friends for four years I think you can try to still be friends with him,though it won't be the same friendship you had. Maybe the reason why things didn't work out for you both as lovers is because you were meant to be just friends...
• Philippines
24 Feb 09
thank you for your comment.. :) I think we had the same perception. We're better off as friends that's why we ended up broken. Now, I can still consider him as my friend but expect that the closeness will never be the same again. Coz my trust for him are all gone.
@22angel22 (451)
• United States
20 Feb 09
Nope, sorry, but he didn't put you into consideration when he was cheating on you, so I would just leave it all behind, you can do better!
@itshalom (355)
• Singapore
20 Feb 09
It all depends on you, are u still in love with him to forgive him and let bygone be bygone if he proves to you that he is sincerely repented. By any chance u knew from the bottom of your heart that he cant be trusted then dont take the gamble and waste your time and effort on him. There are others who we are valuable to.
@tatiana07 (498)
• Philippines
20 Feb 09
if that mistake doesn't hurt so bad and you think you can still befriend of him then why not?!but on my part i can't do it. in the first place i trusted him by being a friend of him for four years.there's the feeling that no matter what happened he won't hurt me because he's a friend of mine.so how much more if he's my boyfriend?i expect that he'll love me, take care of me, protect me from any harm and hurt.so if he's the one who hurts me so why trust him and be a friend to him again?he's the one who didn't treasure the friendship and love you shared.